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What's Hot at HSC!

HSC's 2015 Leadership Awards Reception Tickets Now On Sale!

Tickets to HSC's 2015 LAR are now on sale! This year, we are honoring Capalino+Company as our Friend of the Sector and The Alternatives to Incarceration/Reentry Coalition. Buy your tickets here.

Wage Implementation Details Released

The City has begun the process of releasing the details on wage adjustments for our sector which includes a 2.5% Cost-of-Living Adjustment and an $11.50/hour floor wage for social services. HSC would like to thank its members and partners for its advocacy efforts to secure the COLA. We would also like to thank the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies (FPWA) and the Fiscal Policy Institute (FPI) for spearheading advocacy efforts on the $11.50 wage floor.

Nonprofit Infrastructure Capital Investment Program RFP

HSC’s anticipates that the Nonprofit Infrastructure Capital Investment Program RFP will be released before the end of the summer, and want to remind providers to update their information in Grants Gateway so that they are eligible to compete...Read more here.

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HSC In The News

Experts Say Stringer's Rejection of Homeless Shelter Contracts is 'Illegal'

As dozens of shelter contracts remain in limbo, some legal experts are suggesting that the comptroller has exceeded his authority in rejecting, or “kicking back,” contracts. And nonprofit leaders say the ongoing dispute is hurting their ability to provide services to homeless New Yorkers...read more here.

Human Services Nonprofits Oppose Amendment to City Charter

Another regulatory battle is looming for New York’s nonprofit organizations. On Friday, the New York City Council considered an amendment to the City Charter that many agree would fundamentally change the city’s oversight of the sector...read more here.

Antiquated View of a Modernized Sector

The conclusions Steven Malanga reaches in his piece “Charities on the Dole,” demonstrate a real lack of appreciation for the history and complex relationship between government and mission-driven social service organizations. The mere fact that he uses the outdated term “charities” to refer to these multifaceted organizations offers insight into his limited understanding of how these groups have evolved and operate in the 21st century...read more here.

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