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What's Hot at HSC!

HSC 2016 Annual Report

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HSC's Restore Opportunity Now Campaign Launch 12/8/16

HSC held a press conference at the Capitol building in Albany. Click here and here to read the full articles.

How HSC Broadened Its Focus By Shrinking Its Boardroom

HSC recently opted to remove a few seats from our boardroom as a way to make quicker decisions, engage more members and improve our advocacy efforts for the nonprofit sector. Click here to read the full article.

Community Portraits Press Release - 10/5/16

HSC will award $10,000 grants to 14 nonprofit organizations in partnership with Measure of America with funding provided by The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust. The winning organizations submitted projects that illuminate important issues in their community using indicators from DATA2GO.NYC, a free, online data mapping and visualization tool with 350 indicators of human need and well-being. Read the full press release here.

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HSC In The News

NYC’s Human-Service Providers Press for Changes in City Funding - 5/3/17

According to advocates, the crisis facing nonprofits is visible to City Hall. The Mayor’s Office of Contract Services responds to about 10,000 requests for assistance from non-profit organizations each year. Of those organizations, 18 percent are insolvent, 50 percent are facing deficits and cash flow issues, and while their clients are “living paycheck to paycheck, the employees are living payroll to payroll,” according to Allison Sesso, executive director of the Human Services Council of New York. Read more here.

Scrambling to Solve the Human Services Sector's Fiscal Crisis - 4/28/17

Nonprofit providers on the panel cited escalating rent, health care and technology costs, coupled with new overtime regulations and the need to cover minimum wage increases as just some of the factors weighing on their budgets as they work to deliver the services that government contracts often pay just 80 cents on the dollar to provide. To help address this, the Human Services Council, an umbrella group that represents about 170 social services organizations, has argued for including cost escalation clauses in contracts to guarantee that funders would adjust payments to reflect cost increases – usually related to inflation – that are out of either party’s control. Read more here.

Nonprofit Leaders Respond to Mayor de Blasio's Executive Budget - 4/28/17

Due primarily to underfunded government contracts, many nonprofits operate with deficits and struggle to make payroll and pay rent. The Mayor has acknowledged this problem by convening a Nonprofit Resiliency Committee on which United Neighborhood Houses serves and must now address this problem in the City’s FY18 budget. But a committee alone will not solve a problem caused by underfunding. Read more here.

Eleven things to watch for in de Blasio's executive budget - 4/26/17

The de Blasio administration has proposed a two percent increase for nonprofits’ contracted personnel each year for the next three years, but nonprofits said that measure would do little to address underlying cost increases in rent and infrastructure. They also argue that increase wouldn’t cover the costs of employees they had been forced to hire who are being paid for through donations because current contracts aren’t big enough to cover them. Read more here.

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