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What's Hot at HSC!

HSC Joins the Fight for 15!

HSC is proud to announce that we are joining the Fight for $15 Campaign, and hope that you will join us on the April 15 Day of Action. As human services providers, we play an important role in the wage conversation by supporting workers in the fight against poverty so that they can make ends meet...read more about it here.

HSC Statement on FY16 Enacted State Budget

HSC has released its Statement on the FY16 New York State Enacted Budget...read more about it here.

HSC Establishes Commission to Examine Nonprofit Human Services Organization Closures

HSC is pleased to announce the creation of a Human Services Council (HSC) led Commission to examine the growing closure trend among nonprofit human services providers...read more about it here.

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HSC In The News

FEGS: Canary in the Coal Mine?

Some people see FEGS as a poster child for the phenomenon resulting from government contracts that don’t cover the full cost of services, especially administrative costs…read more here.

Forcing Nonpolitical Agencies to Register is Burdensome

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is pushing the state Legislature to pass a bill that would require everyone — even nonpolitical social services agencies — to register as a political committee if they even mention a candidate in a mailing before an election…read more here.

Reactions to "One House" Budget Bills

This week, the NYS Assembly and Senate each passed their “one house” budget bills in which they spell out their own proposals for changes to Governor Cuomo’s executive Budget submission. These bills essentially stake out the opening bargaining positions for the three-way negotiations that will eventually shape the State’s final budget for the year…read more here.

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