The Mission of the Human Services Council

HSC strengthens New York’s nonprofit human services sector, ensuring all New Yorkers, across diverse neighborhoods, cultures, and generations reach their full potential.

The Human Services Council does this by:

  • Enhancing the capacity of human services organizations to carry out their missions;
  • Acting collectively to establish greater balance in the partnership between the human services sector and government;
  • Influencing public policy and advocating for adequate funding for human services;
  • Addressing the implications of social, racial, and economic justice issues in human services policy and delivery;
  • Giving voice to those we serve, highlighting their struggles and how human services programs help them; and
  • Holding government accountable for the needs of all New Yorkers by honoring the commitments made to our communities.

About Us

Since 1991, we have helped bring together a diverse network of human services organizations to discuss ideas and take collective action on issues and concerns that impact the entire sector and those they serve. Through advocacy, information, collaboration, and technical assistance, member organizations and their leaders are supported by the whole human services community in addressing their concerns of public policy, economic trends, and the regulatory environment.

As the Voice of the Human Services Community, we represent thousands of not-for-profit organizations in New York and we advocate for the needs of the human services sector as a whole. Human service providers accomplish more for their clients when they work together to increase funding, master complex new regulations, and orchestrate joint technology. HSC provides the structure to make that happen.

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