Government Relations And Advocacy

HSC's budget and policy unit unites the sector and brings collective problems to the attention of government officials at the State and City levels. We fight against cuts to programs and bring systemic and regulatory problems to the forefront of the political debate by shedding light on the effect these issues have on our most vulnerable citizens.

HSC created the “Who Cares? I Do.” campaign to spread awareness of the impact funding cuts will have on New York's individuals, families, communities, and economy. Ultimately, our goal was to influence government decisions about the allocation of State and City resources and protect investments in human service programs.

The campaign aimed to make government accountable to the needs of all New Yorkers by honoring the commitments made to our communities by:

     • letting our elected leaders know that too many cuts to important services will hurt, not help, economic recovery
     • illustrating that the work performed by nonprofit human services providers is essential to communities throughout New York
     • demonstrating vast support for the continuation of critical programs in our communities

By developing and maintaining strong relationships with key policy makers, HSC protects and strengthens the investments and policies that define New York's human service delivery system.

HSC's policy team continuously monitors City and State budget and legislative processes as they relate to human services, providing in-depth budget analyses as well as information on key decision makers.

HSC's work has proven to be instrumental in maintaining funding for these vital services that so many New Yorkers depend on. Year after year, we ward off cuts to the sector and push for targeted new investments through our strong advocacy efforts. HSC also strives to ensure that legislation and regulations serve the interests of human service agencies.

Working as a liaison between government and the provider community, HSC will continue to maximize the resources dedicated to the delivery of human services by demonstrating the soundness of these public investments. HSC members can participate in advocacy efforts through our Advocacy Action Response Group.

"As a member of HSC we have access to the corridors of power in a way that would simply not be possible on our own."
Fred Shack
Executive Director, Urban Pathways