Fact Sheets

Learn more about human services, startling statistics on poverty and other topics, as well as how the nonprofit sector is coping in the economic crisis.

Return on Investment

There are many benefits to human services programs. Not only do they teach people skills to succeed, keep children safe, and help those in need, many provide a return on investment and save the community money. See the following fact sheets for information on how programs save money and better the community.

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Child Welfare
Preventive Services
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Juvenile Justice/
Alternatives to Detention
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Why Human Services Matter

Especially during this time of economic distress, human services are vital to the health of communities. See the following fact sheets for startling statistics on the state of New York and the United States.

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Nonprofit Sector As An Economic Engine

Human services providers run programs that are important to the community; they help local seniors, provide places for children to go after school, and assist people in finding new employment opportunities . In addition, these programs act as economic engines in local communities where they provide jobs and purchase goods and services. See the following fact sheet to learn more about how the sector contributes to the local economy.

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Government's Nickel And Diming Of Nonprofits

In the aftermath of the recession, nonprofit human services agencies are vital to helping people in need. As people lose their jobs, lose their homes, and stare down other hardships, they turn to nonprofits to help them keep on their feet and survive. Despite the crucial role human services play in hard economic times, it is one of the first areas government looks to when attempting to balance its own budget in an economic downturn. Not only is New York cutting funds for human services, but it is using creative ways to eke out revenue from nonprofits by implementing measures that, although not direct cuts to the human services' funding streams, seriously damage the sector.

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Women And The Budget

Budget bills introduced at the federal, State, and City levels reduce funding for a number of vital human services programs, including homeless services, after-school programs, child care, senior centers, and health services. While many of these cuts appear gender neutral, in reality they will disproportionally affect women.

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Campaign For Children

The Campaign for Children, a partnership of The Emergency Coalition to Save Child Care and the NYC Youth Alliance, is urging the Mayor to stop penalizing the people who work hard every day to build better, brighter futures for their families – and to fully fund child care and after-school programs. Here are some facts about how the current budget proposal will affect 47,000 children.

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