18th Annual Leadership Awards Reception, 2013

On December 11, 2013, the Human Services Council (HSC) hosted our annual Leadership Awards Reception at the 320 Park Avenue space graciously provided by Mutual of America. Over 250 people attended this event and helped us meet our goal to support HSC's advocacy efforts to improve human services for New York City.

HSC honored seven visionary leaders for their amazing contributions to the human services sector:

    List of our Honorees:

    Awards Honoring
    Friend of the Human Services Community IBM
    Next Generation Leadership Zachary Blodgett
    Katherine Eckstein
    HSC Advocacy Champion Jennifer March
    HSC Leaders of Influence Dr. Peter Campanelli,
    Reg Foster,
    Frank J. Mauro,
    Carolyn McLaughlin,
    Wanda Wooten

    To view additional photos of the event, you can use the following links:

  • To view pictures from the event Click here.

  • To view the 2013 Journal Download the journal here.

For a link to previous award winners, please click here.

Above: Michael Stoller, Wanda Wooten, Carolyn McLaughlin, Reg Foster, Joel Copperman, Peter Campanelli, and Frank Mauro

From left to right: Michael Stoller, Zachary Blodgett, Katherine Eckstein, and Peter Campanelli

From left to right: Michael Stoller, Stan Litow, and Msgr. Kevin Sullivan
Above: Michael Stoller, Jennifer March, Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs, and Jim Purcell