We have all heard the adage: “The greater the number...the greater the influence and impact.” HSC is “the voice” of New York City's human services community because of our members. We count among our member organizations 200 human services organizations —including all major federations and coalitions in the sector, as well as direct service organizations. HSC works with its broad member base to identify areas of concern shared by the sector. Then we use our unparalleled access to government to address sector issues and proactively negotiate for budget, policy, and legislative reform. With the support of members and funders, we clear the way so that the City's thousands of human services providers can deliver their often life-saving help unobstructed.

HSC is the only organization created to serve, represent, and empower New York's diverse human services sector. But we can't do it without you. Large or small, when you join HSC, you not only ensure that your voice will be heard, you help prioritize the issues that help the entire sector move forward.

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