Strengthening Communities Summit 2015

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Strengthening Communities Summit Report - Working Together Across Sectors: Creating a Fair and Equal City

Strengthening Communities Summit Evaluation Form


Ground Rules



Doubling Down: How Recommitting to the Nonprofit Sector can Achieve Real Change in Communities

A Covenant for Success: Working in Partnership to Strengthen New York City’s Neighborhoods

Place-Based Initiatives in the Context of Public Policy and Markets: Moving to Higher Ground - Chapter 3 summarizes the hard lessons learned from 50 years of place-based interventions and later chapters discuss how recent and ongoing place-based efforts have tried to put those lessons to work.

The Integration Initiative: Three Year Evaluation Report

The Promise of Comprehensive Community Development - The third key finding is most relevant to the Strengthening Communities Summit.

The Road Map Project 2014 Results Report

Participant Submissions

The resources below were contributed by Summit participants. Publication here is not an endorsement by the Summit steering committee or any of the event partners.

Submitted by Citizens' Committee for Children of New York:

• Community Risk Ranking: a print publication that looks at how risks to child well-being concentrate across NYC’s 59 community districts and highlights disparities.
• Keeping Track Online: a public database that allows users to explore hundreds of data indicators related to child well-being and makes it easy to understand the data by creating maps and tables.